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DIY Crepe Paper Cactus

The entryway "photo spot" for our party needed one more thing.....a cute cactus in a colorful pot!

I was driving back home from being out of town last weekend and was thinking about what else I needed to do for Granny's FIESTA. I saw these cute cactus piƱatas on Pinterest and I knew what I wanted to do.

The pot was something I already had in my craft room (a dollar store purchase years ago) and I knew I had saved an old poster tube from a purchase last Christmas. There was plenty of green crepe paper in my party decor stash and with a little Elmer's glue and tissue paper....I was set!

The cactus took no time at all and it was fun to put together. Granny took it home with her after the party to go with her Southwest decor.

Here's how to make your own cactus:

DIY cactus

Using a poster tube as the base, I simply taped crumbled paper to it for arms.

I cut strips of crepe paper into lengths just long enough to wrap around the tube. Then, I simply cut fringe on one side.

I used a little school glue applied to the paper and then wrapped the paper around the cactus form.

Just keep gluing strips of paper making sure to overlap them a bit.

Using some colored tissue paper, I added a bloom to the top.

I stuffed the plastic pot with more paper and situated the cactus in the center. I added a little colored filler and it was party ready!

Easy and cute!

Happy crafting!







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It's a FIESTA!

Granny's 80th On chalkboard door

My Granny turned 80 today! We wanted to celebrate this milestone with a fun family party full of little surprises for her yesterday. It was great! She was so happy!

Since we live in San Antonio, a Fiesta-theme isn't hard to recreate and she already loves the style. I searched Pinterest and started pinning ideas and recipes. You can check out my board here: Granny's Fiesta. All of the recipes turned out tasty, so be sure to check them out.

We had a "photo spot", fun take-home gifts, tons of yummy food, and colorful decorations.

I started by making a lot of tissue paper flowers to be the bulk of the decor.

Tissue paper flowers
Just a FEW flowers!
I used many of these flowers and colorful crepe paper to make a "photo spot" in the entryway. My mother made a bucket of "accessory props" with her Cricut. She attached the glasses, lips, mustaches, etc. to colorful drinking straws with tape. She also brought a couple of tiaras and glitter hats. I added a stuffed rose and my selfievstick to the bucket too. The little man was also part of the Cricut cartridge...just enlarged.

Everyone had fun posing in the entry and playing with the props!

The rest of the flowers were used around the living, dining, and kitchen. Dollar store plastic tablecloths in bright colors along with cascarones and confetti made for easy table decorations. I used empty Mexican canned good cans to hold the colorful flowers and flatware.

Fiesta decor
Fiesta kitchen table
Fiesta flowers
Fiesta party
More fiesta decor

The banner above the windows was a custom cut my mother made with her Cricut.

Cricut party banner
Cricut party banner
Fiesta party favors
The decorations were easy to make but they made a big impact and definitely set the FIESTA scene! We had fun with them!
Now on to the food......
For appetizers, I found some easy and yummy recipes on Pinterest. The Skinny Taco Dip and Tortilla Roll-ups were big hits! The Mexican-spiced Cheese Crackers are super addicting!

Granny requested a fajita lunch....perfect for our surprise party theme. I marinated both the chicken and beef the night before. My Uncle Juven (Family Grillmaster) grilled them on party day! Tortillas, lots of taco fixings, and salsas made up the "taco bar". Spanish Rice and Uncle Juven's famous bean soup made perfect side dishes

We had a special cake my Uncle and Aunt had made in the Houston area. And, surprised Granny with her favorite treat.....Bahama Buck's. They offer a cool party pack with everything you need to make Sno at home! So fun!

After dessert, the ultimate surprise arrived....a local Mariachi group came and sang for her! She was thrilled and the tears of joy said it all!

Serenade by Mariachi Los Conquistadores
Serenade by Mariachi Los Conquistadores

We had a wonderful time celebrating our Granny!

Granny's Fiesta Vinyl Project
Another awesome Cricut project made by my mother...vinyl on glass! Our signatures are vinyl too!







Be sure to try some of the recipes and decor for your next Fiesta!!!










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